How Pct Steroids Bodybuilding Works And Its Benefits

PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is utilized after having a cycle of prosteroid, pro-hormone or anabolic-androgenic steroid period to keep the gains and aids in preventing recoil results or different unwanted side consequences of a cycle.

About pct steroids

pct steroids

When anabolic steroids have taken some of the substance amounts of the human body are disrupted which lead to improved generation of estrogen hydrocortisone and also additional hormones and also a decline in the production of testosterone. The best pct steroids aid to bring the body back to its normal state.

When an anabolic androgenic steroids user finishes a cycle, the usual production of hormones specially testosterone is suppressed. It is significant to reinstate these hormones to their original state to decrease some post cycle side effects. Such side effects many include loss of weight and strength, inability to maintain any muscle mass gained during the cycle and depression. To avoid this, pct steroids bodybuilding may come in handy.

Some body builders use drugs like anabolic steroids to increase their muscle hypertrophy. This is basically increasing the size of muscle cells. These drugs do this by increasing the protein synthesis in cells. Increasing of protein synthesis causes buildup of the cellular tissues especially in muscles.

Post steroid cycle therapy is a method that employs drugs to try and restore and stabilize users hormones when the suppressive androgenic steroid cycle has ceased. The main objective is to bring the hormones back to normal. This therapy also helps the user to maintain his overall health and maintain muscle tissue. The therapy is usually done using various mechanisms including some drugs that have been proven to work.

Such drugs include anti-estrogens that have antagonistic and agonistic properties. This means that on some tissues they can act like real estrogens to activate the receptor while in other tissues they could block estrogen effects. They do this by changing the receptor’s binding capacity.

There are various benefits of post cycle therapy bodybuilding. Firstly, the hypothalamus, pituitary, testicular and axis are restored. This means that your body is able to produce its own endogenous testosterone. It also increases luteinizing hormone (LH) output and the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) by the pituitary. This could stimulate the leydigs cells found in the testes and in turn increase testosterone levels in the testes.

The time to start the therapy may vary from one person to the other. It however mostly depends on which compounds were administered during the cycle. Before starting this therapy, one is advised to be off steroids for a given period to allow the body to recover. Starting the therapy when the levels of androgen in the body are still high might make the therapy inefficient.

Combining this therapy with proper exercise and specialized nutrition could go a long way in assisting in pct steroids bodybuilding. It is also important to have adequate rest. This includes recuperation and sleep between workouts. By so doing loss of strength, weight and depression will be minimized. The body will also be able to maintain muscle mass it gained during the cycle.